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  • زیرنویس شده توسط
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  • Online: 4/13/2017 10:01 PM   14 days ago
  • Hearing Impaired: No
  • Foreign parts: No
  • Framerate: Not available
  • فایل ها: 1 (32,624 bytes)
  • Production type: Transcript (By listening)
  • Release type: Web
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  • Rated: 10/10 from 40 users
  • Voted as Good by: 40 users
  • Downloads: 49,135
  • 1396-02-04 22:20:08

    thank you for the sub

  • 1396-01-30 18:42:38

    All missing lines, word corrections, done in the final sub. Apologies. This was a re-sync based on CAM AUDIO.

  • 1396-01-29 12:11:19

    Thank you so much mate

  • 1396-01-29 05:23:05

    Alright maybe I was a bit harsh. Its late and im tired had a rough day and both my legs cramped up on me. This is actually a very good effort and the mistakes dont ruin the movie it just makes it difficult when your partially deaf or fully deaf and you dont have much to go on so when I hit 1:46 I freaked out LOL this sub is watchable and probably the best English so far based upon my looking for something better and realizing this is the best so far. So my apologies for my first comment.

  • 1396-01-29 05:11:56

    This subtitle is garbage. Whenever the audio is hard to understand whoever did this just guessed what the words are or even worse at 1:46 they didn't even have any subs so I quit watching there and came back to warn you all and find something else.

  • 1396-01-25 10:35:39

    Thanks man! I always know that Psagmeno.com subs are really good.

  • 1396-01-24 23:35:44


  • 1396-01-24 22:07:03

    Updated Version will be uploaded tomorrow. Thanks.

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