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    UPDATED-Logan.2017-All HC Releases
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  • 1396-01-30 18:40:48

    All missing lines added in the final sub. Apologies.

  • 1396-01-30 13:36:06

    I translated u r sub to Burmese
    I think something are missing

  • 1396-01-27 16:44:55

    Making Sub = Spreading Happiness among people. Thanks for your feedback, Tweetgangsta.

  • 1396-01-26 20:26:08

    Great Job Ashmita... I think there was a part there that says, "you can't break them all." But you instead put, "you can't break the mould." But I guess you've updated it already by now... Doin this is difficult but you gave that feat for us... Thank you so much Ashmita... One of the subtitles that you worked on from another movie says, "Successful people embraces discomfort." This is a fact by history, from movie makers to sports men to multi-millionaires and to all others on the top already and they all went through that difficulty and discomfort... It reminds me of that when I stand in your perspective... :)

  • 1396-01-26 15:15:31

    Sorry mate. Will update shortly

  • 1396-01-26 14:47:34

    7 minutes of subtitles are missing from 1:42:20 to 1:50:20. Please update the file. Thanks for your effort!

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